Professional Supplier of Exceed Standard Water Treatment Solutions

Professional supplier of exceed standard water treatment solutions

Water is fundamental to the survival of mankind. Along with society's increased attention to water quality, water environment and the tightening of national environmental protection policies, the requirements of various indicators such as surface water discharge standards and drinking water standards are getting higher and stricter. While the water quality in different areas and environments also varies due to different influencing factors in the exceedance of the characteristic factors. Usually, as 1-2 individual characteristic factors exceed the standards, the water quality requires costly treatment and often does not yet meet the standard. This problem has become a bottleneck in the water treatment field and solution methods are expected.

Taking the users' demand as the research and development work direction, Sunresin has developed a series of chelating resins and ion exchange resins to efficiently and accurately treat the water quality that exceeds the standard based on the continuous efforts of R&D team. These resins can be used to realize highly selective and accurate adsorption and removal of characteristic factors in water, and make the treatment of water that exceeds the standard easier and more economical.

Major resins for water treatment of Sunresin

Special boron removal resins:
Seplite® LSC780 is a boron removal resin that provides highly selective adsorption and removal of boron up to ppb grade or even ppt grade (electronics industry). The resin is characterized by large adsorption capacity and simple regeneration, and is commonly used in industrial water treatment fields such as seawater desalination projects, municipal drinking water projects and ultra-pure water in the electronics industry.
Resin for effect on removal of nitrate:
Seplite®LSI106plus nitrate removal resin is used for nitrate adsorption and removal. It is highly selective and not susceptible to the competition from other anions in the water column. The removal accuracy of nitrate nitrogen can be less than 1 ppm by using Seplite® LSI106plus nitrate removal resin. Thus, it is commonly used in municipal water treatment projects.
Perchlorate removal effect resins:
Seplite®LSI106 perchlorate removal resin is a good choice for removing the perchlorate in water with good selective adsorption to perchloric acid roots in water, large exchange adsorption capacity, and stable parameters of treated water. It is usually used for the removal of residual chlorine after disinfection in tap water plants.

Resin for arsenic removal:
Seplite®LAR714 Arsenic removal resins are designed for selective adsorption and removal of arsenic from water by introducing ferrous functional groups onto the backbone of a macroporous polystyrene anion exchange resin, which is also suitable for efficient phosphorus removal.

Highly efficient defluorinated resins:
Seplite®LSC760 fluorine removal resin is a new type of nano-metal-loaded polymer resin with single selectivity for fluoride ions in the water phase. Compared with conventional anion exchange resin, this resin has the features of high selectivity, large processing volume, high processing accuracy, lower amount of resin under the same working condition and longer service life (generally more than 3 years); the fluorine content of the effluent can be maintained stably below 1 ppm.

Precision mercury removal resins:
Seplite® LSC-740 proprietary mercury removal resin is a cross-linked polymerization of styrene and divinylbenzene with sulfhydryl functional groups in a macroporous chelating resin. The special skeleton structure design and the introduction of characteristic functional groups make the resin have strong chelating effects on silver, mercury and other metals, and have high adsorption and removal precision. Thus, it is very suitable for the precise treatment of wastewater containing silver and mercury to achieve standard discharge.

Metal chelating resins:
Seplite® LSC710Seplite® LSC750 and other series of chelating resins can meet different chelating adsorption of different metal ions. It is suitable for high-precision adsorption, removal and recovery of calcium, magnesium, nickelcopper, cobalt and other metal ionsin wastewater. Also, the precision of the effluent can reach ppb level, meeting the environmental protection standard and creating more value at the same time. Sunresin series chelating resins are widely used to remove copper in etching solution, nickel and cobalt in metallurgical waste water, calcium and magnesium in electronic grade raw material, and make electronic industry waste water elimination meet the standards.
For the treatment of water that exceeds the standard, Sunresin not only has efficient treatment resins to deal with the characteristic factors, but also masters the application process technology of various types of treatment resins for water that exceeds the standards. Also, for users with different requirements, we can provide resin screening and validation, process design, system equipment, on-site debugging, personnel training, later technical tracking guidance and other comprehensive services, thereby providing users with the most comprehensive, efficient and economical treatment solution for the water that exceeds the standard.

As an industry leader in the field of resin adsorption and separation in China, Sunresin is constantly striving to develop a full range of high-performance resin products and application technologies to meet the ever-changing market demands. In the face of the traditional industrial field of water treatment, Sunresin is also continuing to improve the product system, and help the water treatment industry to achieve industrial technology upgrade and cost revolution.

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