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Corn Sweetener Refining
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Corn Sweetener Refining

Ion Exchange Resin for Decolorization and Demineralization

Corn Sweetener is an important sweetener in addition to sucrose, it included glucose, fructose, xylose, maltose, and fructose syrup.

Corn starch convert into syrup by the action of acid or enzyme, decolorization by activated carbon, deashing of ion exchange resin, removal of organic acids, proteins, amino acids and other impurities. These impurities will affect the quality of starch sugar, such as color, taste and smell.

Ion Exchange Resins Mainly Have the Following Uses in This Process:
  • Decolorization
The liquid syrup is filtered to remove solid impurities, but the color in the syrup cannot be removed. The adsorbent resin removes color, flavor and odor from the liquid syrup.
  • Desalting
The ion exchange resin removes soluble anions and cations, proteins, organic acids, and some ionizable colored substances in the syrup, which makes the color and flavor of the Corn Sweetener more stable.

Our Advantages
  • Special series resins for Corn Sweetener refining
  • Supporting Equipment & system
  • Successful EPC project cases

Typical Application For Corn Sweetener Refining
  • Removal of ash
  • Removal of metal ions
  • Decolorization
  • Removal of Organic acid matters
  • Removal of pesticides
  • Removal of HMF

Category List
SEPLITE® LSF970 SERIES Special for xylose ,glucose and maltose etc.
SEPLITE® LSF980 SERIES Special for xylose ,glucose and maltose etc.
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