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Chromatographic Media

Mannose Production Purification and Chromatographic Separation
The SSMB sequential simulated moving bed chromatography system is an intermittent sequential operation simulated moving bed that combines the Monojet® series jetted particle chromatography fillers. Through the ingenious combination of equipment and control programs, it simulates the movement of the filler layer, adopts different operating modes of intermittent feeding and discharging with different sequences and programs, and adds separation ports that can be used for individual components to flow out, achieving the batch separation of 2-3 components. It has been successfully applied to the separation and purification of products such as sugar alcohols, amino acids, organic acids, and pharmaceutical intermediates.
Sunresin Efficiency Chromatography Separation Technology and Application
Sunresin can customize equipment and chromatography fillers according to customer requirements to meet specific application requirements. Relying on long term chromatography separation experience and a professional team, we can develop and optimize methods for specific samples and requirements of customers, select the best chromatography equipment and fillers to improve separation efficiency and precision, and achieve high-quality separation and purification results.
Sunresin—Desalination and Purification Process for Non-Ionic Contrast Media
In order to ensure the production of high-purity final products, desalination and purification play a critical role in the manufacturing process of non-ionic contrast media. These steps are essential for the removal of salinity, impurities, organic residues, trace metal ions, and solid impurities. By effectively eliminating these contaminants, the desalination and purification processes contribute to enhance the purity and quality of the contrast media. Furthermore, this specific purification procedure helps to reduce adverse reactions and side effects on patients during subsequent applications.
Application of Chromatography Technology in Synthetic Biology
In the field of synthetic biology, chromatography separation technology is commonly used for the purification and production of synthetic products, as well as for isolating metabolites and identifying the structure and characteristics of compounds and biomolecules. It is also widely applied in the field of adsorption and separation.
About Seplife® Ion Exchange Chromatography
The Seplife® dextran ion exchange chromatography resins use the dextran matrix of G series gel filtration chromatography resins (Seplife G-25 and Seplife G-50), and the ion exchange functional ligands of different properties are firmly bonded to the cross-linked dextran matrix. Dextran ion exchange resins are usually stored in the form of dry powder, which must be swollen before use. It is widely used in low molecular weight proteins such as prothrombin and low molecular weight heparin.
SEPLIFE®, All You Need to Know about Ion Exchange Chromatography
Ion exchange chromatography is a column chromatography method that uses the difference in electrostatic force between the exchangeable ions on the ion exchanger and the various ions separated in the surrounding medium, and achieves the purpose of separation through exchange equilibrium. Ion-exchange chromatography has the advantages of high sensitivity, repeatability, good selectivity, and fast analysis speed, and is currently one of the most commonly used chromatography methods.
Application areas and industries of Sunresin’s Multimodal Chromatography Media
In the production of human vaccines, Sunresin’s multimodal chromatography resins are usually combined with ion exchange chromatography such as Seplife Q Large Scale, or combined with gel filtration chromatography Seplife 4FF to complete the entire purification process.
Introduction to Sunresin’s Core-Shell Multimodal Chromatography Media
The Core-Shell multi-mode chromatography medium is a new multi-mode agarose chromatography medium independently developed by Sunresin Technology, used for purification and polishing of biological macromolecules such as viruses.
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