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Chromatographic Media

Application of Chromatography Technology in Synthetic Biology
In the field of synthetic biology, chromatography separation technology is commonly used for the purification and production of synthetic products, as well as for isolating metabolites and identifying the structure and characteristics of compounds and biomolecules. It is also widely applied in the field of adsorption and separation.
Chromatographic Separation
Chromatographic separation technology is a kind of separation method widely used in the separation and purification of complex mixtures.
Selection of Ion Exchange Chromatography Media
In the separation and purification, the column is required to have high loading capacity, easy operation and long service life.
Buffer Solution
When selecting a buffer, pH and ionic strength are two key factors that affect not only the separation of the target product from the impurities, but also the yield of the product. The pH chosen depends on the isoelectric point, stability and solubility of the target product, not only to make the separated material an ion that can be exchanged, but also to maintain its high activity. The pK value of the ion exchanger should also be considered.
Pretreatment of Chromatography Media
In the industrial products of ion exchangers, a small number of organic oligomers and some inorganic impurities are often contained.
Elution & Regeneration
When the chromatographic medium is exhausted, it should be eluted. The basic principle is to desorb the target product by a more active ion or group. Different sorbents are different in their activity. Therefore, a suitable eluent should be selected to elute the protein from chromatography media.
What is a Chromatographic Media?
Chromatography technology is an important technology in the field of modern separation.
Sunresin Uniform Particle Chromatography Makes The Refining of Glucose Crystal Mother Liquor Simpler and More Efficient
Seplite® MonojetTM CM1850 uniform particle strong acid cation exchange resinproduced by advanced "jet granulation" technology after repeated tests and demonstrations. By using the special structural design and functional group setting of the resin, the binding force between the resin and glucose and fructose can be differentiated, and the efficient separation of glucose and fructose can be achieved through the elution of spreading agent according to the degree of difficulty of separation.
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