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L-Homoserine desalination and refining process case
L-homoserine is a aminoacid that is widely used as an important aminoacid feedstock in the fields of food, healthcare products, cosmetics, biomedicines, and other related industries.
Sunresin Xylitol Desalination and Decolorization Process Case
In response to the high osmotic pressure of sugar alcohol products on resins, Sunresin Technology has developed SEPLITE® Monojet™ LSF974 and SEPLITE® Monojet™ LSF9730 jetted uniform particle ion exchange resins, which are characterized by uniform particle size, good strength, and long service life. Additionally, the uniform particle size reduces the pressure drop in the resin bed, resulting in a higher online liquid processing capacity compared to conventional resins such as SEPLITE® LSF970 and SEPLITE® LSF973. The resin also has a lower breakage rate and a better impurity removal effect, which can significantly improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.
Sunresin Provides Customized Services and One-stop Separation and Purification Solutions for the Production of Allulose
During the processing from the corn raw materials to the final allulose product, Sunresin provides a complete purification process including: ion exchange deashing, activated carbon decolorization, chromatographic separation, etc., to achieve high-quality crystalline allulose.
Promotional video of the SMB system in the sugar alcohol industry
Erythritol, as the main glycogen in sparkling water, has seen a rapid increase in demand in the past two years. However, while the production scale has expanded year by year, market competition has become increasingly fierce. Therefore, product quality control and operation cost have become the key to success. This is a Simulated Moving Bed system for the erythritol purification process. It is designed, manufactured, installed and implemented by Sunresin. Thanks to this SMB system, a steady output of quality product is ensured at a reduced operation cost.
High Strength Anion Exchange Resin for Sugar Alcohol Refining
The excellent strength performance of Sunresin Seplite® LSF907 resin in industrialized long-cycle operation treatment has been affirmed and praised by industry users; the advent of Seplite® LSF907 resin has given the sugar alcohol industry a choice and less issue; Sunresin will also makes every effort to strive to let this star product benefit the majority of user companies as soon as possible.
Remove Bitter From Citrus Juice
Citrus fruits account for about 15% of the world's total fruit production.
Removal of Pesticide and Patulin from Fruit Juice
1. Pesticide in fruit juice. Juice has been accepted by more and more families for its unique taste and nutrition.

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