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Reliable Services

Sunresin has established a strict EPC project management process:
  • Ion exchange resins & adsorbents supply
  • Ion exchange & adsorbent column & system supply
  • EPC project Delivery
Based on in-depth research on the application of ion exchange and adsorption processes, and the accumulated on-site experiences, Sunresin developed his own ion exchange & adsorbent system design and integration capabilities, founded the base of the system & Equipment integration, which equiped Sunresin the ability to undertake the domestic and overseas EPC(Engineering Procurement Construction)project.
Sunresin has established a strict EPC project management process:


Resin R&D
As the key of separation system, the performance of Resin is always requested to upgrade year by year, and the new resins are exploited for new applications of different industries. In the past year, Sunresin has developed some new resins to solve different industrial separation problems. Our R&D will be always devoted to innovate the resin technology.
Resin Selection
Sunresin has developed a variety of resins for different industry needs in the past years. The project team will first establish an application experiment in the laboratory to select the best performing resin for target. For some special industrial requirements, Sunresin will arrange the R&D department to customize the resin for specific application to ensure the optimal performance of the core material of the separation system.
Resin Supply
Sunresin will be in charge of the production and package of the selected resin, insure the product quality and lead time
System Design
The design department will design the solution according to the results of the resin application experiment. Under the condition of ensuring the high performance of the whole process, the design department will fully consider the factors such as project input and output, material consumption and emissions, so that the customer's investment and running are the Highest economic profit and sustainable.
System Integration
Sunresin will be responsible for the quality of equipment throughout the process and complete the initial system integration in the base of the system & Equipment integration.
Logistics Delivery
Sunresin's professional logistics team will ensure that all resins, equipment, components, etc. are delivered to the customer's own location on time and in good condition.
Customer Site Installation and Commissioning
Sunresin's professional installation and commissioning personnel and project management personnel will go to the customer site to ensure that the entire process is installed in an orderly manner,and ensure the commissioning successfully.
Operation Training
After the process is running normally, the project management personnel will provide technical training to the customer's on-site operators and make final delivery of the project.
Technical Support & After-sales Service
Sunresin's well-earned reputation for customized solutions helps itself to have built a high quality professional team for marketing and service. The company's tech support provides different services including on-site technical consultancy, training, special request and urgent calls 24*365 a year.

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