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Removal of Arsenic from Groundwater
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Removal of Arsenic from Groundwater

1. Arsenic in groundwater

Arsenic is a common source of pollution in drinking water in nature, from arsenic-containing rocks, soils, etc., and then slowly diffuses into the water. Arsenic is often present in both organic and inorganic arsenic forms, whereas inorganic arsenic is more prevalent in water and more toxic.
The countries with serious arsenic pollution in groundwater are India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, China, and Hungary. In China's Taiwan, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia, local groundwater contains up to 2000ug/L of arsenic.
At present, the World Health Organization stipulates that arsenic in drinking water should not exceed 10 ppb.

2. Adsorption method for removing arsenic

Adsorption is one of the effective methods for arsenic removal in drinking water. It has the advantages of simple operation and stable operation. Commonly adsorbents are activated alumina, activated carbon, zeolite, functional resins and the like. However, most of the adsorbents have problems of low adsorption amount, poor selectivity, or arsenic content after treatment is still exceeding the standard. Ion exchange resin can combine the advantages of various adsorbents, and by loading some metal oxides, which leads a good selectivity. Through the control of the internal pores of the resin, the adsorption capacity of the resin can be improved, thereby more accurately improving the adsorption efficiency of the resin. Each liter of resin can adsorb more than 1.4g / L of arsenic.

3. Arsenic Removal adsorption line from groundwater

Arsenic in groundwater is a trace amount of toxic elements, so the resin has a long service life and can be realized by a fixed bed process. It is the most valuable solution for municipal underground water treatment.
In our case, the output arsenic content can be controlled to be less than 5 ppb. So, Approximately 1 liter of resin can handle 4.5 square meters of water if an inlet content of 0.3 ppm.

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Removal of Arsenic From Groundwater
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