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Specific Application

Purification Technique for Plant Extraction

In the preparation of plant extracts, the high-throughput extraction process is very important just as introduction previous section, but sometimes there are still some impurities that are difficult to separate, such as color, isomers, or other Impurities with similar physical and chemical properties.

In order to obtain the high-quality final substance, Sunresin have exploited the resin for color removal, Separation of impurities, and the cutting-edge Chromatography technology, which aim at the isomers or chemical similar compounds.

Our Advantages

  • Adsorbent with high sensitivity
  • Chromatography technique
  • Supporting Equipment & system
  • Reliable EPC project cases

Typical Applications for Plant Extraction

  • Decoloration
  • Chromatography purification
  • Separation of amino acids, protein removal
  • Removal of heavy metal

Category List
SEPLITE LSD 632 Ion Decoloration
SEPLITE LXA 870 Adsorption Decoloration
SEPLITE LXA 820B Chromatography purification of antibiotics
SEPLITE LXA 2000 Chromatography purification of antibiotics
SEPLITE LBR 807 Separation of amino acids, protein removal
SEPLITE LAR714 Arsenic removal
SEPLITE LSC710 Removal of heavy metal
SEPLITE LSC740 Removal mercury
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