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  • Sunresin Park,No.135, jinye Road, Xi’an Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Shaanxi-710076, China
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  • Tel: +86-29-89182091
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Company Profile


Sunresin is an innovation oriented high-tech enterprise. It is specialized in R&D, manufacturing and sales of adsorption and separation polymer resins, equipments and customized solutions including tech-supporting services. It is the leading special resin manufacturer with the most complete portfolio in China as well. Sunresin manufactures about 30,000 cubic meters of ion exchange and adsorption resins annually, and supplies customers with tens of adsorption and separation equipment. Sunresin’s special products include about 25 series and more than 200 different resin types which are broadly used in industries such as: Food Processing, Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, Plant Herbal Extraction, Waste Water Treatment, Membrane Caustic Soda, Hydrometallurgy, and Industrial & Civil Water Treatment, etc.

Company Profile
Sunresin Headquarter--Sunresin Park, Xi'an,China

Sunresin is dedicated to the commercialization of newly developed polymeric resins as well as to the exploitation of applications in emerging industries. The core technologies for all special resin products and equipments are of its Independent Intellectual Property Rights. Sunresin is holding more than 30 patents – in China and internationally - and has accomplished about ten national projects in the area of resin development. Sunresin is certified under ISO 9000 for Quality Control System and ISO14000 for Environment Control System. It has also been awarded with Certificates from WQA Golden Seal, Kosher, etc. Under worldwide recognized QC systems, Sunresin provides excellent and high quality products to the market. All of the employed manufacturing processes are strictly controlled by the environmental regulations.

Sunresin is the first and the only A-share listed company in Chinese Ion Exchange and Adsorption Resin Industry.

Sunresin focuses on innovation, quality and service. Based on the technical core competences, the rich experience and under strict international standards, Sunresin is providing high quality products, cost-effective equipment as well as professional design solutions to the customers. Sunresin takes the responsibility to lead and drive the resin industry towards innovation and clean production.

Sunresin is working to be a world leading ion exchange and adsorption resin and solution provider.

Here to Provide Complete Separation and Purification Solutions
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