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Lithium Recovery
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Lithium Recovery

High-purity Lithium Carbonate Production Technique

High-purity Lithium Carbonate Production Technique

Because of its low lithium content and high magnesium content,lithium extraction from lean ore brine was considered difficult to realize whether from aspect of the technical breakthrough or economical profit, unbalanced in input and output.

Sunresin has cooperated with Shaanxi Membrane Separation Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. to overcome this technology and undertake the commissioning of Qinghai lean ore brine 100t/a lithium carbonate project. The EPC project has entered the normal operation stage and has produced high-purity lithium carbonate.

The technology adopts the combination of adsorption separation and membrane separation, could realize high lithium-magnesium ratio (1300:1) lean ore brine to extract lithium, combined with the company's existing impurity removal technology and system equipment technology, could achieve the mass production of lithium carbonate in battery-level high purity,shows obvious economic and environmental advantages.

Our Technology Advantages

  • High-performance lithium adsorbent
  • Combination with Membrane separation techniques
  • Patented continuous ion exchange technology
  • Successful EPC project service

High-performance Lithium Adsorbent

SEPLITE® resin for Lithium extraction maintains the basic body performance during lithium adsorption. Compared with similar products, the adsorption capacity is higher and the strength is better. In addition, Sunresin’s continuous ion exchange technology can guarantee the stability of the concentration of lithium ions and the ratio of magnesium lithium in the desorption solution, and further improve the product performance.

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