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Chromatography Media

Sunresin has newly developed a series of life science products of chromatography media as ion exchange, 

gel filtration,hydrophobic effect, metal chelating, affinity chelating and etc. 

These products are mainly used for the purification of recombinant proteins,production of nucleic acid, 

separation and purification of biological macromolecule in the bio-pharmaceuticals and 

bio-engineering industry. 



SEPLITE® Agarose resins for Chromatography



Seplite Gel SR4B                  

Seplite Gel SR6B                     

Seplite Gel SRCL4B             

Seplite Gel SRCL6B                              

Molecular weight of protein, polyose determination.                                        

(4B: 60000~20000000)                                                               

(6B: 10000~4000000)    

Seplite 4FF Gel SRFF              

Seplite 6FFGel SRFF                                            

Purification of biomacromolecule, nuclear acid, bacterin, virus etc.  

Seplite DEAE Sepharose SRFF         

Seplite Q Sepharose SRFF          

Seplite CM Sepharose SRFF         

Seplite SP Sepharose SRFF  

Purification of protein, nucleic acid as well as polypeptide in bio-pharmaceuticals and bio-engineering industry.   

Seplite Q Sepharose SRHP          

Seplite SP Sepharose SRHP

Purification of biological macromolecule with smaller size and higher resolution ratio.    

Seplite Phenyl SRFF                                        

Hydrophobic chromatographic purification of biomacromolecule in bio-pharmaceuticals and bio-engineering industry.              

Seplite Phenyl SRHP   

Separation and purification of biomacromolecule with smaller size and higher resolution ratio.

Seplite 4FF Butyl SRFF

Suitable for purification of materials with stronger hydrophobicity, to be better used in purification of precipitated ammonium sulfate.

Seplite FF(IDA) Chelating SRFF

Suitable for purification of macromolecule which can easily interact with metal ions.   

Seplite Chelating SRHP

Separation and purification of biomacromolecule with smaller size and higher resolution ratio.

Seplite Epoxy-activated SRFF

Midbody of affinity chromatography.



 Particle diameter:50-150um, or can be adjusted according to reqirements.

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