Sunresin is a leading company in China,specializing in R&D, manufacturing and sales of resins for ion exchange,polymeric adsorbent and speciality for a wide range of applications...


Mr.Kou Is Honored To Acquire The Special Government Allowances Of The State C...

On March 3rd, 2017, Mr.Kou Xiaokang,the General Manager of Sunresin company is honored as the expert to acquire the Special Government Allowances of Chinese State Council. This special allowance is given to Mr.Kou for his outstanding contribution to the development of China's ion exchange and adsorbent resin industry. Sunresin as the leading enterprise and the only public listed company in China's ion exchan...

Sunresin Has Attended The Exhibition Of CPHI China 2017

On June 20th-22th 2017, the CPHI China 2017 Exhibition has been held in Shanhgai, which is the largest scale of comprehensive event for Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Intermediates in Asia. At the exhibition, Sunresin as China's biggest special resins manufacturer has seized the great opportunity to present its wide range of premium grade resin products


Sunresin has succesfully landed on stock market for Initial Public Offering

On July 2nd 2015,Sunresin has succesfully landed on stock market for Initial Public Offering.This marked the great milstone of the company and we became the first public listed company in China's ion exchange resins industry.