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Enzyme Immobilization

Sunresin is the China biggest enzyme carrier manufacturer, which greatly promote the industrial scale production of Chinese 7-ACA.

SEPLITE® enzyme carriers LX1000 can meet different requirements for enzyme immobilization with noteworthy features like larger pore volume, higher specific surface area, larger enzyme load, more active enzyme, better mechanical strength and more periodicity of circular usage.

Up to now, LX1000 have been successfully applied in manufacturing of 7ACA、6APA、7ADCA and amino acid. The enzyme immobilization method solved the environmental problem caused by chemical method and greatly decreased the production cost of 7-ACA. Enzyme decomposition technology for 7-ACA that was firstly supported by SR carrier is the mile stone in China 7-ACA industrial innovation.


 Blank enzyme carriers Enzyme carriers loaded with enzymes


Compared with liquid enzyme, immobilized enzyme has some advantages when it is used for enzyme catalysis. For example, it is easy to be separated, possible to be utilized circularly, easy to control the reaction, enzyme concentration can be increased in reaction zone. Immobilized enzyme is widely applied in industries like biopharmaceutical and food processing. Enzyme carriers are the most important matrix to fix enzyme.


SEPLITE® LX1000 series Enzyme Carriers


















Average pore size: 300-400Å           Particle size:0.15-0.30mm


Verified by our customers, enzyme carriers fromSunresin has below advantages:

larger pore volume, higher specific surface area
 more enzymes attached
 higher enzyme activity as compared
 longer life cycles due to better mechanical strength
 good cost performance between price and quality