Sunresin’s Lithium Extraction Technology Opens a New Chapter in Southwest China

On January 10, Sunresin and Tibet Mineral Development Co.,Ltd signed a 10,000-ton lithium hydroxide contract featuring the Jiezechaka Salt Lake. According to the contract, Sunresin will undertake the construction of the 10,000-ton/year lithium hydroxide production line from salt brine, and provide operation management services for a period of 15 years, contributing to a total of 150,000 tons of standard lithium hydroxide to the market. The contract also includes the intention for Sunresin to provide services for the construction and operation management of the second phase of 20,000 tons and the third phase of 20,000 tons production line of lithium hydroxide.


Jiezechaka Salt Lake_Sunresin


With abundant brine resources including two salt lakes, Jiezechaka and Longmucuo in the Ngari area, the reserves of lithium resources are among the best in the region. Ample supply of fresh water, power, roads, and temporary workshops, as well as other supporting facilities will allow this project to be a starting point for Sunresin’s lithium extraction technology to enter into a new region and a new height. (Altitude above 4500m)


The launch of this project marks a milestone for the industrialization of Sunresin’s lithium extraction technology applied in a high altitude region. The timeline for the first phase of 10,000 tons has been scheduled as follows. In 2022, the first 1,000 tons are expected to be produced, and the construction of the 10,000-ton production line will be completed by the end of 2023. Sunresin will leverage its years of experiences in Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) and take into consideration the local conditions (altitude, temperature, etc) to adopt innovative technologies for the project with the following significant technical advantages:


(1) Simple processing - One-stop shop from adsorption to membrane purification, evaporation crystallization and drying, leading to high efficiency and high yield.

(2) Green processing - without introduction of acid, alkali or organic matters, no emission, allowing "green production" at a high altitude.

(3) Economic processing - Low cost and potential for future technical upgrade.


Sunresin has over 10 years’ experience in Direct Lithium Extraction and has its footprint in brines from Qinghai (China), North America, Europe as well as South America. With its adsorption technology, the company has provided one-stop-shop services to project owners covering project conception and supply of adsorption materials and equipment. Customized solutions and products have been tested successfully with different levels of brine under different conditions across the globe.  


The Jiezechaka Salt Lake Project is of great significance to the green industrialization of high-altitude, low magnesium-lithium ratio, and high-lithium content brine extraction, and is expected to become a large-scale benchmark project in the region, incorporating environmental protection indicators into technological innovation, through in-depth cooperation between the technical side and the commercial side.


Sunresin, driving the innovation.

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