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Remote Solution Operation and Monitoring Center - New Model, New Opportunities

Where there is a will, there is a way. As the Covid 19 pandemic makes life and work difficult, it also leads to innovations. Due to travel restrictions around the world, Sunresin’s systems engineering projects have faced significant challenges as project installations and on-site support become extremely difficult if not impossible in the past year. In light of this challenging situation and with open mind and innovation, the company has launched its “remote systems engineering” initiative starting April and has successfully implemented the system to a total of 11 projects both home and abroad, contributing to sales revenues worth of as much as 55 million RMB.

Remote Solution Operation and Monitoring Center


A partner for Waste Water Treatment Project in India and another partner for Juice Deionization and Decolorization project in Turkey are the two initial pilot projects that have utilized and benefited from this new innovative system.

Remote Solution Operation and Monitoring Center 2


With these successful projects, Sunresin has established its Remote Solution Operation and Monitoring Center (RESOM) recently, in an effort not only to offset the impact of the travel restrictions due to the pandemic, but also to develop this innovative initiative to a higher and permanent level in a sustainable manner.

discuss and development


During the pandemic, Sunresin has also used “virtual visits” and “cloud interactions” to keep communicating and engaging with customers.

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