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The Classified of Ion Exchange Resin

Ion exchange resin is a kind of macromolecule compound with a functional group (an active group of exchange ion), network structure and insolubility, usually spherical particles. The ion exchange resin chemistry has many advantages.

The full name of ion exchange resin consists of classification name, skeleton (or gene) name and basic name. The pore structure is divided into two types: gel type and macroporous type. All macroporous resins with physical pore structure are added "big hole" before the full name. If the classification is acidic, the word "cation" should be added before the name, while the classification is alkaline, and the word "anion" should be added before the name. Such as macroporous strong acidic styrene cation exchange resin.

Ion exchange resins can also be classified into styrene resin and acrylic resin according to their matrix types. The types of ion exchange resin chemistry active groups determine the main properties and types of resins. Firstly, it can be divided into cationic resins and anionic resins, which can exchange ions with cations and anions in solution respectively. Cationic resins can be divided into strong acidity and weak acidity. Anionic resins can be divided into strong alkalinity and weak alkalinity. 

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