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Automated packaging and logistics system brings Sunresin’s high-quality products to the world

Automated packaging and logistics system brings Sunresins high-quality products to the world

1. Refinement:

Industrial grade products are transformed to food grade and pharmaceutical grade through ultra-pure processing, meeting the requirements of customers for different industries;

2. Filling:

The refined products are transferred to the silo for filling and palletting through the automatic filling line, an efficient and effective non-stop operation to achieve 180 pallets per hour;

3. Packaging:

The palletized products pass through the automatic cold-stretching filming machine to realize the close fit between the products and the pallets. One pallet per minute, the efficiency is 10 times higher than manual winding;

4. Products ready-to-ship:

The packaged pallets are ready for docking to containers and shipment.  

Sunresin's professional and clean packaging has been recognized by customers both in China and around the world.

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17 2022-01
Sunresin’s Lithium Extraction Technology Opens a New Chapter in Southwest China

Sunresin has over 10 years’ experience in Direct Lithium Extraction and has its footprint in brines from Qinghai (China), North America, Europe as well as South America. With its adsorption technology, the company has provided one-stop-shop services to project owners covering project conception and supply of adsorption materials and equipment. Customized solutions and products have been tested successfully with different levels of brine under different conditions across the globe.

06 2022-01
Sunresin en route to signing a new EPC project in Direct Lithium Extraction from Salt Brine in Qinghai

On the evening of January 3, 2022, Sunresin New Materials issued an announcement indicating the “Receipt of the Signing Notice” from Jinhai Lithium Industry (Qinghai) , a subsidiary of the Huizhou Yiwei Lithium Energy Co., Ltd, on the 10,000 ton lithium carbonate EPC procurement project. The tentative amount of the project is about 456.11 million RMB (71.8 million USD).

02 2022-01
Sunresin’s Ruashi Cobalt Extraction Project started up in DR Congo

Sunresin’s Ruashi project features the extraction of cobalt from the precipitation liquor of cobalt hydroxide. The project included a collaborative effort with Sunresin’s Remote Solution Operation and Monitoring Center (RESOM) in Xi'an, an innovative initiative put in place during the lockdown period in 2020 to serve domestic and international EPC projects. With its patented Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) technology for continuous ion exchange, as well as the selective cobalt adsorption materials, Sunresin has managed to increase the concentration of cobalt ions in the precipitation liquor from 0.1g/L to 20g/L, making the original mother liquor with little value a new source of cobalt supply. The successful implementation of this project will add more than 300 tons of cobalt products per annum to the Jinchuan Ruashi project, thereby realizing an annual income of tens of millions of dollars.

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