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Xi’an Party Secretary visited Sunresin

On December 1, Fang Hongwei, Secretary of the Xi'an Municipal Party Committee, led a delegation to visit Sunresin New Materials Co., Ltd at the Sunresin Campus.

Accompanied by Dr. Gao Yuejing, chairwoman of Sunresin, Fang Hongwei and the delegation visited Sunresin’s provincial functional polymer adsorption/separation technology research center, the protein purification laboratory, the cell culture lab, and the electronic grade ultrapure water test line. Dr. Gao also gave a detailed introduction to the company's achievements in R&D investment, talent building, technological innovation, as well as its efforts in ensuring a safe working environment facing the pandemic.


Fang Hongwei highly recognized Sunresin’s continuous technological innovations and achievements as a high-tech business, and encouraged the company to increase investment in scientific and technological innovation, enrich the R&D talent team, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and continue to enhance the core competitiveness of the company, while keeping up the the good work in Covid prevention and control.

Since its establishment, Sunresin has been committed to the industrialization of adsorption and separation technologies and has successively developed products and processes for critical applications such as metal extraction, synthesis and purification in life science, and production of ultra-pure water . Through continuous innovation in materials, equipment and processes, Sunresin has been able to turn technological innovations to major breakthroughs in a number of downstream applications such as new energy, environmental protection, and ultra-purification, laying a solid foundation for development of the company, both domestically and internationally.

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