SEPLITE® CM2610 / CM2610S for industrial-scale chromatographic purification

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Fillers with divinylbenzene polymer backbone and C18 linear alkanes as functional groups
SEPLITE® CM2610 / CM2610S for industrial-scale chromatographic purification Chromatographic Media

SEPLITE® CM2610 / CM2610S are fillers with divinylbenzene polymer backbone and C18 linear alkanes as functional groups. It provides different separation options from polystyrene-divinylbenzene filler for the preparation and purification of small biological molecules.

Unlike traditional polystyrene-divinylbenzene copolymerized inverse fillers, it uses C18 long linear chains as functional groups. Due to the different functional groups that provide hydrophobic force, it brings a different chromatographic behavior from traditional polystyrene-divinylbenzene packing. At the same time, the polymerization method is used to obtain a filler containing C18 linear alkanes, which has stronger alkali resistance compared to silica gel filler. Soaking in 1 M NAOH solution for 600 hours will not reduce the separation effect.

Compared with the reversed C18 silica gel filler, the higher specific surface area also brings a higher loading capacity. Narrow particle size distribution and good heat treatment process make the swelling capacity of the packing smaller, and lower back pressure at high flow rate, which can be widely used in industrial-scale chromatographic purification.


SEPLITE® CM2610 / CM2610S for Industrial-scale Chromatographic Purification Physical and Chemical Characteristics:











White spherical particles

Particle Size (㎛ )






Bulk density (g/ml)






Density (g/ml)






Moisture Content (%)






Specific surface area (m2/g)






Pore size (Å)






SEPLITE® CM2610 / CM2610S for Industrial-scale Chromatographic Purification Performance characteristics:

1.The packing sequence is basically the same as that of C18 silica gel column.

2.The hydrophilicity and hydrophobicity of this packing is close to that of C18 silica gel column.

3.This packing can fine-tune the analysis method of C18 silica gel as a chromatography process. It reduces the cycle of process development. 4.The swelling ratio of this filler in 95% ethanol is about 9%, and the compression ratio is about 7%.

5.The density of the packing is <1, this packing must be used in conjunction with the DAC system. 6.Due to the characteristics of C18, 3Mpa purification equipment is recommended for this packing.


SEPLITE® CM2610 / CM2610S for Industrial-scale Chromatographic Purification Product instructions:

1.Pretreatment. The resin is stored in a 20% ethanol aqueous solution during transportation. Please wash it with distilled water before using; soak it with a solvent of suitable concentration for 16-24h before loading the column. In order to prevent the resin from swelling during column packing and causing changes in column pressure (e.g. the extract is 30% acetonitrile aqueous solution, then use 30% acetonitrile for soaking), please remove floating particles before packing to prevent the column from blocking the packing)

2.The resin withstand voltage range < 20bar.

3.Load the sample. (In the first test, the sample amount can be appropriately reduced, and then the sample amount can be increased according to the retention time and peak shape of the target)

4.Cleaning. (Gradient elution can be performed directly in the first test. Afterwards, select the appropriate cleaning solution concentration according to the retention time of the target. As in the above example, use 50% acetonitrile aqueous solution for cleaning)

5.Elution. (Gradient elution can be performed for the first test, and isocratic elution is recommended for scale. As in the above example, 15% acetonitrile aqueous solution is used for elution)

6.CIP cleaning and post-treatment. Generally, use organic solvents, high-concentration acids and alkalis to clean the resin. After cleaning, wash with a large amount of distilled water until it is neutral, and  keep it  for the next use. If you will not use it for a  long  time, please use 20% ethanol to store the resin).

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