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SEPLITE® Monojet™ MB870NK

Uniform particle size, nuclear grade, Cation/Anion chemical equivalent ratio 1:1


SEPLITE® Monojet™MB870NK
Uniform particle size, Nuclear grade mixed bed resin for water treatment in Nuclear power industry


SEPLITE® Monojet™ MB870NK is a nuclear grade pre-mixed resin which is specifically designed for use in the highest purity water treatment in nuclear power industry, composed of capacity equivalent mixture of strongly acidic cation (SAC) and strongly basic (type I) gel anion (SBA) resins. The resins are highly regenerated and specially cleaned in order to comply with the specifications of producing high purified water, reduce the inorganic impurities to the lowest level as well as removing the traces of soluble organic compounds.

With its uniform particle size which enables excellent kinetic performance and high service flow rate, the low fines result in very low pressure losses compared with Gaussian distributed resins.

The resin applications include primary water treatment, fuel pool purification and PWR steam generation blowdown, BWR condensate polishing and Rad waste treatment.

Physical and Chemical Characteristics:

Components Monojet™ SC7900N H Monojet™ SA8800N OH
Matrix Structure Gel, Styrene-divinylbenzene Gel, Styrene-divinylbenzene
Functional group Sulfonic acid Quaternary amine
Shipping form H+ OH-
Physical Appearance Amber to brownish translucent spherical beads
Particle size (mm) 0.55±0.05mm 0.63±0.05mm
Moisture content (%) 35-43 (H+ Form) 54-60 (OH- Form)
Total Capacity(eq/L) ≥2.5 (H+ Form) ≥1.2 (OH- Form)
Ionic Conversion (%) >99 >95
Cation/Anion chemical equivalent ratio 1:1
Bulk density (g/L) 700-750
Whole beads count (%) ≥95 ≥95
Uniform coefficient <1.2 <1.2
Purity (Metals in dry basis) Na ≤ 20 mg/kg Na ≤ 20 mg/kg
K ≤ 20 mg/kg K ≤ 20 mg/kg
Fe ≤ 20 mg/kg Fe ≤ 20 mg/kg
Cu ≤ 5 mg/kg Cu ≤ 5 mg/kg
Co ≤ 5 mg/kg Co ≤ 5 mg/kg
Ca ≤ 10 mg/kg Ca ≤ 10 mg/kg
Mg ≤ 10 mg/kg Mg ≤ 10 mg/kg
Al ≤ 10 mg/kg Al ≤ 10 mg/kg
Hg ≤ 20 mg/kg Hg ≤ 20 mg/kg
Heavy Metals (as Pb) ≤ 10 mg/kg Heavy Metals (as Pb) ≤ 10 mg/kg
Cl ≤ 250 mg/kg
SiO2 ≤ 10 mg/kg


Resins should be stored in sealed containers or bags where temperature was above 0℃ in dry conditions without exposure to direct sunlight. Do not mix ion exchange resin with strong oxidizing agents; otherwise it will cause violent reactions.

In case of eyes contact with resins, rinse eyes immediately with plenty of water, and consult a specialist. Material and samples must be disposed according to local regulations.

Dry polymers will expand when become wetted and may cause an exothermic reaction. Spilled materials may be slippery.

SEPLITE® and Monojet™ are registered trademarks of Sunresin New Materials Co. Ltd., Xi`an

  • This information is general information and may differ from that based on actual conditions. For more information about SEPLITE® resins, please contact SUNRESIN® directly.

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