Adsorption and Recovery of p-Chlorobenzotrifluoride with Seplite Resins

Sunresin’s adsorption technical is used for the recycling of p-chlorobenzotrifluoride in Shandong, China, helping its customer to treat VOCs and recover around 100kg solvents per day.


Sunresin’s VOCs treatment


p-Chlorotrifluorotoluene, also known as 4-chlorobenzotrifluoride, is an organic compound with the molecular formula C7H4ClF3. It is a colorless and transparent liquid, insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol, ether, benzene, toluene and other organic solvents. It is mainly used in the manufacture of dyes, pigments, drugs, pesticides, etc., and can also be used as a solvent.


p-Chlorotrifluorotoluene is mainly synthesized from p-chlorotoluene through two steps of chlorination and fluorination. In the production process of p-chlorobenzotrifluoride, in addition to organic waste gases such as p-chlorotoluene and p-chlorobenzotrifluoride, there are also strong corrosive waste gases such as unreacted chlorine gas, hydrogen fluoride and by-product hydrogen chloride.


Since p-chlorotrifluorotoluene contains corrosive components such as fluorine and chlorine, it cannot be treated by incineration, and only adsorption technologies can be considered. However, traditional adsorption materials have shortcomings such as short service life and failure to meet emission standards. Their service life is less than half a year before it becomes invalid. The use of resin adsorption process can efficiently treat p-chlorotrifluorotoluene waste gas, and meet the emission requirements while realizing solvent recovery.


Sunresin’s VOCs treatment resin is a styrene-DVB matrix macroporous adsorption resin with a specially designed resin structure. It has a good mesh structure and a high specific surface area, and can be sieved through the size of the pores. Organic molecules are selectively adsorbed by interaction, intermolecular force or hydrogen bond interaction.


With Sunresin’s VOCs treatment resin, the non-methane total hydrocarbons in the effluent can be stably below 20mg/m3, and the resin adsorption material can be used for more than five years. The annual replenishment amount is less than 5%, realizing the goal of both environmental benefit and economic benefit.


At the same time, Sunresin has developed a special regeneration treatment process for the waste gas containing corrosive components. After the resin adsorb the organic components, it gets regenerated step by step. First, the inorganic components are regenerated, then steam is used to for desorption, which significantly reduces the corrosion of the equipment.


After switching to Sunresin’s resin adsorption process one year ago, the company in Weifang, Shandong is able to treat p-chlorotrifluorotoluene waste gas and recover 100kg of solvent per day, bringing down the online exhaust non-methane total hydrocarbon emission value to 20mg/m³.


The resins have not been replaced or replenished after one year. Compared with traditional materials, Sunresin’s solution saves a total of 300,000 RMB (44,000 USD) in replacement and purchase every year.

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