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What Is The Use Of Ion Exchange Resin Products?
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What Is The Use Of Ion Exchange Resin Products?

Ion exchange resin is a kind of polymer, which is obtained by chemical synthesis. In fact, ion exchange resin is also a synthetic resin. Ionic resins are widely used. Here is a list of ion exchange resins.

Applications of Strong Basic Styrene Anion Exchange Resin: Preparation of Pure Water and High Purity Water, Extraction and Decolorization of Biochemical Products, Separation of Organic Compounds, Extraction of Radioactive Elements, Extraction of Tungsten and Molybdenum in Hydrometallurgy, Wastewater Treatment, etc.

Applications of macroporous weak alkaline acrylic anion exchange resins: extraction of drugs, decolorization of fermentation broth, deacidification and decolorization of sugar, refining of citric acid and lactic acid, water treatment.

Application of weak alkaline epoxy anion exchange resin: It is mainly used for removing SO?²¯, Cl - plasma, citric acid, streptomycin, malic acid and amino acid in water treatment, removing inorganic substances, extracting organic acid and decolorizing, and recovering copper and silver ions. The preparation of pure water and high purity water can be used as a pre-shade bed, double bed and strong alkali anion resin, which can obviously increase the economic cost of operation, and can also be used for the treatment and recovery of electroplating and chromium-containing wastewater.

Application of macroporous weak acidic acrylic cation exchange resin: It can be used for wastewater treatment, metal recovery, separation and purification of biochemical drugs.

In addition, macroporous resins with or without ion-exchange function are also widely used in water treatment. Ionic resins play an important role in water treatment and catalytic reactions of organic compounds.

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