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What is the Principle of Anion Exchange Resin?

Ion exchange resin is a kind of macromolecule compound, a kind of macromolecule with the network structure of the functional group. What are the performance and working principle of this kind of polymer? Here, as one of the most professional anion exchange resin manufacturers, we will briefly introduce it to you.

Ion exchange resins can be divided into cation exchange resins, anion exchange resins, and amphoteric ion exchange resins. Ion exchange resins are insoluble in water and general solvents. Most of them are granular, but some are fibrous or powdery. The size of resin particles is generally in the range of 0.3-1.2 mm, most of which are in the range of 0.4-0.6 mm. They have high mechanical strength (robustness), chemical stability and long service life under normal conditions.

According to the chemical active groups, it can be divided into cationic resins and anionic resins. Cationic resins can be divided into strong acidity and weak acidity. The working principle of ion exchange resin: In the process of ion exchange, cations in water (such as Na+, Ca2+, K+, Mg2+, Fe3+) are exchanged with H + on cation exchange resin, and cations in water are transferred to resin, while H + on the resin is exchanged into water.

Anions in water (such as Cl-, HCO 3-and so on) exchange with OH-on anion exchange resin. Anions in water are transferred to resin, while OH-on resin is exchanged into water. The combination of H + and OH - forms water to achieve the purpose of desalination. 

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