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What is Solid Phase Synthesis Peptide?
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What is Solid Phase Synthesis Peptide?

Polypeptide synthesis on a solid support, a concept of originality pioneered by Robert Bruce M errifield in 1963, is a major breakthrough in peptide chemistry.

In solid phase synthesis, it is conventional to assemble peptide chains starting from the C-terminus.
  • First, a linker is introduced on the polymer carrier; then, the N-terminal protected amino acid reacts with the functional group of the linker;
  • then the temporary protecting group is removed and condensed with the next amino acid, and this step is repeated until synthesis is required The sequence;
  • finally, cleaves the covalent bond between the tether and the peptide chain, and removes the insoluble carrier from the dissolved product.

What is solid phase synthesis peptide?

The solid phase synthesis method effectively avoids the cumbersome and time-consuming separation and purification steps necessary for liquid phase synthesis, and has remarkable advantages, and its application value is irreplaceable.
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