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What is Enzyme Carrier?
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What is Enzyme Carrier?

In the immobilized enzyme technology, factors such as the active group, the microenvironment, and the shape of the carrier on the carrier material may affect the affinity of the carrier and the enzyme, the activity, stability, reusability and recyclability of the immobilized enzyme.

Most of these materials have large specific surface area, a certain pore diameter, good hardness and mechanical strength, and easy surface modification or coating characteristics, can be studied by the carrier material before and after immobilized enzyme morphology The structure, element composition, specific surface area and pore size change, further analysis of the immobilization of the carrier material, therefore, the selection and characterization of the immobilized enzyme carrier is very important for the effective immobilization of the enzyme.

There are three main types of carrier materials for immobilized enzymes:

1. Inorganic carrier material
Mainly mesoporous materials, mesoporous materials have a large specific surface area and can achieve high load.

2. Polymer materials
Including natural polymers and synthetic polymers, natural polymers are mainly chitosan, cellulose and the like are cross-linked into balls. There are many types of synthetic polymer carriers, generally large-pore beads. This material not only has good mechanical properties, but also has a large specific surface area and a strong molecular adsorption capacity. There are already many strains in the market.

3. Composite materials
There are mainly organic-inorganic composites, inorganic and polymer composites, and multiple modes of polymer and polymer compounding. The most typical ones are magnetic polymer microspheres, which are easily recovered from the separation system, are simple to operate, and low in cost.
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