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What is a Chromatographic Media?
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What is a Chromatographic Media?

Chromatography technology is an important technology in the field of modern separation. When chromatographic technology develops to a certain stage, new chromatographic media must appear to meet modern separation technology. The medium is the core of the chromatography technology. Only when a medium with good separation effect and high adsorption performance is developed, will there be a good separation technology to meet the needs of modern production, and it can be widely used in production and separation.

Chromatographic Media

In order to meet the needs of separation and purification, people are constantly improving the media preparation process, while researching and preparing new chromatographic media to improve the separation effect of the media. Efficient chromatographic media should have the characteristics of high adsorption capacity, easy elution, and high mechanical strength of the media. At the same time, the density and particle size of the media should also meet certain conditions to suit the relevant separation field. The medium can be divided into different types according to different aspects, for example, it can be distinguished from the difference of its parent or according to its separation principle.

With the development of modern biotechnology, more and more biological products have become necessary for our lives. In this way, biological separation and purification has become the key to the modern separation field, and chromatographic media has become a hot spot for researchers.

Chromatographic Media

The main feature of the dual-pore chromatographic medium is that there are two different types of pore sizes in the same medium. One type is larger circulation holes, and the other is small diffusion holes. Due to the existence of the double-pore structure, the mass transfer of the separated substance inside the medium is greatly accelerated, so that the separated substance can diffuse better inside the medium.

In this way, the exchange mechanism between the target substance and the surface group of the medium is increased, so that the target protein can be exchanged more with the internal group of the medium to achieve the effect of being adsorbed and separated, and the adsorption capacity of the medium is improved to a certain extent. Its unique dual-hole structure makes it better able to meet the application of media in the field of separation.

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