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Welcome to Sunresin’s first Livestreaming event during the Aquatech China trade show

Welcome to Sunresin's first Livestreaming event during the Aquatech China trade show.


In this video, you will find the following information regarding company introduction and product specifications in water treatment.


Jean-Marc Vesselle, Sunresin’s Vice President in charge of international business, introduces the company in terms of: (5'05 - 24'18)


-  its history and geographic locations

-  production and R&D capacity

-  differentiation in terms of products and business model

-  global presence and its vision, and most importantly

-  "Why you should choose Sunresin"


He further explains Sunresin's differences from Multi-national companies in the ion exchange resin sector and why you can count on Sunresin as a reliable long-term supplier. (24'27 - 27'12)


The second half of the streaming features some technical presentations. Dr. Zhang's briefs about Sunresin's Uniform Particle Size (U.P.S) resins used in Ultra Pure Water (UPW) production and its applications in demineralization and electronic applications such as panel manufacturing. (28'40 - 39'16)


He goes on to focus on the special resin products in water treatment covering the following: (39'24 - 43'44)


- Boron removal (semiconductor)

- Fluoride removal (wastewater)

- Copper removal (wastewater)


The streaming ends up with Henry's technical presentation regarding Sunresin's Seplite products in drinking water treatment covering: (43'44 - 52'17 )


-  water softening resins (non-solvent)

-  softening resins used in cartridge 

-  impurity (trace) removal - Radium, PFAS and perchlorate

-  certificates


Jean-Marc makes the final conclusion regarding Sunresin's testing, registration and certification status (REACH, TüV, TZW etc). (54'53 - 56'07)

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