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Views and Suggestions on China Resin Manufacturers
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Views and Suggestions on China Resin Manufacturers

1. China resin manufacturers have made remarkable achievements in the development of domestic catalysts, processes and equipment. In particular, the developed catalysts for polyethylene and polypropylene are not only widely used in domestic large-scale industrial plants, but also exported to foreign countries. Large-scale polyethylene gas phase technology is also under development. Some new high value-added polyolefin products, such as high-speed stretching BOPP film material, HDPE gas pipe material, transparent polypropylene material, automobile fuel tank material, washing machine material, polypropylene block copolymer material, PP-R/PP-B pipe material, have also achieved large-scale industrial production, and they have gained a certain market share.

2. Compared with foreign advanced level, there is still a certain gap between China resin manufacturers. Many newly-built super-large-scale synthetic resin plants also rely on imported technology, and some devices need the foreign catalysts for the production of high-end products; the number of domestic high-end products can not meet the market demand. For example, For example, there are few brands and low output of resin for plastic film in China, which can not meet the production demand of functional plastic film, and imported raw materials account for about 50%. There is still a certain gap between domestic PP-R pipe materials and imported materials, and the quality needs to be improved.

3. In the future, we should further strengthen the ability of independent innovation, absorb the imported technology better, and produce more high-end products that the Middle East can not produce. We will try our best to reduce production costs and cope with the competition of synthetic resin products from Middle East, neighboring countries and major multinational corporations.
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