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Use Of Cation Exchange Resin
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Use Of Cation Exchange Resin

All along, people have been very interested in using cation ion exchange resin to get soft water. Here is a brief introduction to cation ion exchange resin.

In fact, the use of ion exchange to obtain soft water is not suitable for ornamental players, because the cost is high, occupies a large area, not recommended for everyone to use, but it is quite convenient for breeding grounds, can get a large number of soft water. There are also many misunderstandings here, some fishermen buy their own but do not use the method, one is the misunderstanding of transformation, one is the misunderstanding of the amount of use, a small number of ions will soon be saturated, the sink tank is not desirable. In use, because of the lack of knowledge of ion exchange, the ion can not be reused once. Following is a small Science Lecture on ion exchange to obtain soft water.

The efficiency of ion reaction increases by the poles. The cationic commodity state is sodium type. The exchanged water is alkaline because sodium type releases sodium in the water when exchanging each calcium and magnesium ion, so PH will rise while the hardness of carbonate decreases. The use of cations to obtain soft water must be transformed. It is relatively difficult to convert sodium cations into hydrogen cations.

Ion use and protection chlorine solid collagen in water seriously damage the resin, which will lead to the fragmentation of ionic shelf, so that ions can not be reused through regeneration. Therefore, water pretreatment equipment, high-density cotton filter, and activated carbon must be set up when using, where chlorine is the most serious damage to the resin, so it must pass through the activity of unit volume. Carbon comes out of chlorine.

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