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Treatment of Phenol Wastewater
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Treatment of Phenol Wastewater

1. Phenol wastewater

Phenol has been listed as a priority pollutant in water by Chinese environmental organizations.

The industrial production of phenol mainly includes cumene oxidation and benzene sulfonation. The cumene process uses benzene and propylene as raw materials to produce both phenol and acetone, so the production cost is low. This method gradually replaced the benzene sulfonation method and became the mainstream method.

A large amount of wastewater containing phenol and acetone is produced during the production process. Most companies convey wastewater to a wastewater treatment station for concentrated treatment by bio-oxidation. This often leads to overloading of the wastewater treatment station, making it difficult for the effluent to meet environmental emission requirements. On the other hand, it also causes waste of chemical raw materials.

Treatment of Phenol Wastewater-1Treatment of Phenol Wastewater-2

2. Treatment of phenol wastewater by adsorbent Resin

Different from the bio-degradation method, the resin adsorption method can not only effectively control the content of phenol in the effluent, but also realize the recovery of resources by desorption. After screening and process optimization, Sunresin screened out a suitable adsorption resin, which not only has high adsorption capacity, but also has a high desorption limit of nearly 100%. It is desorbed with acetone to restore the adsorption performance of the resin, so that it can be recycled. The acetone & phenol mixture is separated by rectification to achieve the phenol resource.

3. Sunresin Phenol wastewater process line

In our case, we treated 750 square meters of wastewater per day, installed 6 resin columns, and used Sunresin special resin. After stepwise treatment, the controlled outlet phenol content was less than 10ppm and the removal rate reached 99%.

Resin adsorption has become a major method for the treatment of phenol-containing wastewater. If you are facing the problem of producing wastewater, please contact Sunresin to help you.
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