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Sunresin Signs a New Strategic Cooperation Agreement in Lithium Development

Sunresin has recently signed the "Strategic Cooperation Agreement" with Chengxin Lithium Group Co., Ltd  (SZ. 002240) in Chengdu, Southwest China. Zhou Yi, chairman of Chengxin Lithium, and Kou Xiaokang, general manager of Sunresin New Materials Co. Ltd., attended the signing ceremony.

Lithium Development

Chengxin Lithium is a well-known lithium resource development enterprise. Its main products include lithium concentrate, lithium carbonate, lithium hydroxide, lithium chloride and lithium metal. Chengxin Lithium has a number of lithium production sites and has deployed a number of lithium resource projects around the world. In terms of hard rock mines, Chengxin Lithium and its subsidiaries own the mining rights of Yelonggou spodumene mine and the exploration rights of Taiyanghekou lithium polymetallic mine, in the Southwest Sichuan Province of China. The company also owns mining licenses for a total of 40 rare metal sites in the Sabi Star Lithium-Tantalum project in Zimbabwe, and 25.19% equity of Yajiang Huirong Mining in Sichuan, China, which owns one prospecting right. In terms of salt lake resources, Chengxin Lithium has acquired 100% of the shares of SESA in Argentina, which has the right to operate the SDLA salt lake project and participated in several initial exploration projects of salt lakes in Argentina through equity participation.

Sunresin is a leader in the adsorption and separation technologies both in China and internationally. In the field of hydrometallurgy, it has developed a significant number of high-value metal adsorption and extraction technologies and has successfully translated them into realization of large scale industrialized projects. Sunresin’s adsorption technologies play a leading role in areas such as extraction of gallium, vanadium, rhenium, cobalt, nickel, etc. In the New Energy sector, highlighted by the extraction of lithium from salt lakes, Sunresin’s adsorbents with completely independent intellectual property rights and a fully automatic Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) system have formed a unique adsorption solution for the whole production line of lithium extraction from salt lakes. Sunresin’s lithium adsorbents and systems are continuously upgraded and solutions can be provided for medium, high and low-grade brines, covering refined purification, recycling, boron removal, and impurity removal from ores. These proprietary technologies have been and are currently being used on a number of domestic and international Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) projects such as Zangge Lithium’s 10,000-ton adsorption unit, Jintai Lithium’s 7,000-ton complete line, Minmetals Salt Lake’s 6,000-ton technical renovation, Guoneng Mining’s 10,000-ton complete line, Yiwei Lithium’s 10,000-ton complete line, Tibet Everest’s 25,000 tons adsorption unit in Argentina, Jin Kunlun’s 5,000 ton adsorption unit, and BYD’s 600 ton adsorption unit, etc. Other international development and pilot projects are currently underway. All these successful references have been made possible thanks to Sunresin’s advantages in comprehensive technology, industrialization experience and project support capabilities.

The signing of this strategic agreement between Sunresin and Chengxin Lithium will help the green development of the adsorption technology that Sunresin has been actively promoting in the field of lithium extraction from salt lakes. Through cooperation with top level high-tech companies in the industry , Sunresin strives to promote the development of the whole lithium industry chain toward a healthy, orderly and more sustainable development around the world. 

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