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Sunresin’s nickel-cobalt recovery technology touched down in Turkey

Following the successful Ruashi cobalt extraction project in Congo DRC earlier this year, Sunresin has delivered another nickel and cobalt recovery project with overall solutions for Eti Gübre in Turkey. In the project, Sunresin used its adsorption technology to achieve the reuse of low-content cobalt-nickel tailings and achieved the separation of high-purity cobalt and nickel from low-concentration metal solutions, in an eco-friendly manner. Currently the project is in the commissioning phase.

Sunresin’s nickel-cobalt recovery technology


ETI is a major chemical group in Turkey. With the rapid development of the global new energy sector and the tight supply of high-purity metals such as nickel and cobalt, ETI's mineral development and metal recycling departments have made continuous efforts to use the most effective and sustainable method to achieve its business goals.

Eti Gübre in Turkey


As a leading company in adsorption technology from China, Sunresin has always had a good brand awareness and reputation in Turkey over the years. The overall solution of adsorption and separation technology provided for ETI in this project meets the customer's demand for high-quality products and sustainable development, which also marks another milestone for Sunresin’s international footprint in nickel and cobalt extraction solutions in a one-stop-shop fashion.

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