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Sunresin's Lithium Extraction Technology from Salt Brines

As the world transitions to “Green Energy”, Lithium has become one of the most sought-after metals in battery production which empowers industries such as Electrical Vehicles. Sunresin’s adsorption technology (adsorbents, Simulated Moving Bed equipment and industrial process) have been widely and successfully used in a number of Lithium Extraction projects.

This video walks you through Sunresin’s Jintai Lithium extraction project in the Qinghai province, northwest China, from layout to industrial process.

Over the years, Sunresin has created a unique "technical competence" in the process chain of the lithium industry through hard work and significant investment in R&D. The technologies developed include more than 10 patents covering solutions for different brine grades. These patents and technical know-how are being used in refining, recycling and impurity removal from lithium brines. The project in this video features a production line with a production of 3000 tons of high purity lithium carbonate per annum.

In the project, Sunresin demonstrated the significant advantages of our patented adsorption technology such as simplicity, high efficiency, and environment-friendliness, in large-scale projects as well as our strong execution in big EPC projects covering the whole industrial value chain, from adsorbents to the Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) equipment as well as our technical know-how. Thanks to the above, a Phase 2 contract has been signed recently for a further 4000-ton lithium carbonate production at the same site.

Sunresin, driving the innovation.

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30 2022-11
UBS_Sunresin_A rising new materials champion

Pursuant to this email UBS AG or its affiliate which published the UBS Material ("UBS") grants Sunresin ("Client") a royalty free, non-exclusive and non-transferable license to use the extract of the research report set out below, i.e. front page without displaying analyst’s contact details (the "UB

30 2022-11
UBS_Sunresin_Demystifying downstream series #1_the blossoming life science

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28 2022-11
What is macroporous adsorption resin

Macroporous adsorption resin is a kind of polymer resin with macroporous structure that does not contain functional groups such as exchange groups. It has a good mesh structure and a high specific surface area. Force or hydrogen bonding, selective adsorption of molecular organics in the liquid phase.

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