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Sunresin’s Chairwoman Listed in Forbes China’s 50 Women In Tech

Forbes China released its list of "Women in Tech 2022" last week, featuring 50 Chinese women. Sunresin’s Chairwoman, Gao Yuejing, is on the list in recognition of her leadership in continuously breaking through the bottleneck of innovation in the adsorption and separation industry, and bringing the industry to a wider, deeper, and more cutting-edge level.

Forbes China’s 50 Women In Tech

The list of China's 50 Women in Technology focuses on outstanding women at the forefront of science and technology, aiming to create a platform for women to show their outstanding achievements, encourage more women to join the innovation and development in the field of science and technology, and pay tribute to the "She Power" that shines in the field of science and technology.

Gender equality is one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and an important part of corporate governance in ESG. Many studies have shown that gender diversity is positively related to the sustainable development of enterprises.

Sunresin responded actively to the call of the diversity policy, explored the role of "She Power" in the sustainable development of the company, and implemented gender equality in the board of directors, senior management, and all employees at multiple levels and dimensions.

So far, female employees account for one-third of the board of directors, giving full play to women's unique advantages in the ESG field, enhancing women's voice, and tapping the potential of women in the company's high-quality development through gender diversity and inclusiveness.

The company also actively pays attention to the physical and mental health of female employees, regularly organizes physical examinations for female employees, and invites experts to give lectures on women's health to fully protect the rights of female employees.


According to the theme of International Women's Day in 2022, "Gender Equality for a Sustainable Future", today, women play an increasingly important role in the field of technology, and will forge ahead in the wave of technology and further advance in the area of technological innovation. More female power will come into full play, and more women will contribute to create a more sustainable and healthy world.

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04 2022-07
What ion exchange resins does Sunresin produce in water treatment?

Sunresin has a wide range of resin products for water treatment, covering industrial demineralization, condensate polishing, drinking water purification, semiconductor chips, power industry, waste water treatment, ready-to-use mixed bed resins, EDI-specific resins, color-changing resins, as well as special resins for inner cooling water, etc.

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Sunresin – Argentina Angeles Salt Lake 25KT/A DLE Project, (Phase I) well Accepted

In this week at Sunresin’s headquarter in Xi’an, there has been successfully held the acceptance meeting of the Sunresin (SZ.300487) -Argentina Angeles Salt lake 25KT/A DLE project which was contracted by Tibet Everest(SH. 600338) in Mar. 2022. The Phase I acceptance inspection of this Lithium carbonate extraction project is smoothly passed. The quality of SR’s systemic equipment and strictly scheduled manufacture process are highly evaluated by the proprietor together with the third party experts.

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Erythritol, as the main glycogen in sparkling water, has seen a rapid increase in demand in the past two years. However, while the production scale has expanded year by year, market competition has become increasingly fierce. Therefore, product quality control and operation cost have become the key to success. This is a Simulated Moving Bed system for the erythritol purification process. It is designed, manufactured, installed and implemented by Sunresin. Thanks to this SMB system, a steady output of quality product is ensured at a reduced operation cost.

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