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Sunresin participated at CINIE, a World-Class Nuclear Expo

2022 China Nuclear Energy High Quality Development Conference took place from 15-17 November in Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center.     Scientific research institutes, industry associations, operators, service providers, regulators in the field, as well as specially invited experts and scholars, gathered together to discuss the development and opportunities of China's and the world's nuclear power industry.

Sunresin participated at CINIE

As a leading company in the ion exchange resin industry, Sunresin New Materials Co. Ltd. (SZ 300487), was invited to participate at the event showcasing its latest products and solutions, with focus on its Monojet® series of uniform particle resins, uranium extraction resins, nuclear-grade resins for the removal of radioactive elements, UPW-grade ultrapure water resins, condensate polishing resins, nuclear-grade water treatment resin, etc.

Sunresin at CINIE

The Seplite uniform particle resins independently developed by Sunresin can be used for nuclear reactor’s primary circuit purification and chemical control of other systems. Testing results have shown that indicators have reached international standards.

Monojet®, Sunresin's Seplite Uniform Particle Resins

Monojet®, Sunresin's jetting technology independently developed has realized the stable production of uniform particle resin. The electronic-grade Monojet® resin has a high transformation rate, excellent dynamic performance, low TOC escape and outstanding mechanical strength, and is especially suitable for ultrapure water production for the panel and chip production.

Monojet resin

After more than half a year of on-site commissioning and stable operation, the quality of the terminal outlet water has fully met the application requirements of electronic grade ultrapure water (resistance>18.22MΩ·cm, TOC<1 ppb, D.O.<1ppb).  A number of commercial orders have been signed with high-end UPW customers.

Sunresin’s ultrapure water (UPW) laboratory

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