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Step Forward, Sunresin Overseas Strategy Is On The Way
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Step Forward, Sunresin Overseas Strategy Is On The Way

——Welcome Dr. Joe Lin to join Sunresin

Step Forward Sunresin Overseas Strategy Is On The Way

Recently, Sunresin has signed Dr. Joe Lin, the top expert in adsorption and separation technology industry in the world. He joins Sunresin core management team titled with Overseas Market Technical Director. Dr. Lin, held the Ph.D. degree of SUNY-ESF/Syracuse University US, has been engaged in adsorption separation technology since graduation. He has nearly 30 years of industrial experience and has been working as the factory director and General Manager of many internationally renowned companies in the industry. He was engaged in Purolite, one of the most world famous IER company in the industry, as a key member of senior management. Dr. Joe Lin is one of the top talents in IER industry with both sophisticated theoretical knowledge and abundant industrial experience.

With the gradual implementation of Sunresin overseas strategy, as well as the production capacity of Gaoling factory and Pucheng factory being gradually prepared, the company has built up multiple international comprehensive platforms in terms of production capacity, sales, application area and capital resources. Previously, while Mr. Jean Marc Vesselle from Lanxess and other industry experts from Mitsubishi join the international team of Sunresin, the strategic management of the company's global development has been strengthened. And the overseas market directions accumulated by Sunresin for many years will be released gradually. Sunresin is attracting more and more overseas talents with a culture of open-minded, vigorous and worldwide view.

There is an old Chinese saying, building your nest the phoenix will be attracted.  This time, Dr. Lin joins Sunresin to enhance overseas process one step forward. Sunresin will build to be a multi-dimension platform that will be well prepared to greet world talents.

Welcome Dr. Joe Lin to join Sunresin!
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