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Sunresin, driven by innovation, strives to make water better, air cleaner, and life greater

As an innovation-driven, high-tech company from Xi’an, northwest China, Sunresin specializes in adsorption and separation technology by supplying Ion exchange resins, adsorbent and chelating resins, equipment solutions as well as relevant technical services. 

With a National award-winning technical team, and a strong commitment to R&D and innovation, Sunresin provides reliable separation materials and professional services in both existing and innovative sectors in water treatment.

Over the past 20 years, Sunresin has turned from a family-owned high-tech start-up, to a global leader in the adsorption and separation technologies which is able to produce the most advanced resin products in the world, such as resins used in Ultra Pure Water production and condensate polishing in nuclear plants. With its own patented Monojet technology, Sunresin is one of the very few companies in the world that are able to produce resins of Uniform Particle Size, which used to be a bottleneck challenge for ion exchange resin manufacturers both in China and around the world. 

Thanks to dedicated team work, Sunresin has made it possible. Its Monojet resins have excellent hydraulic and dynamic performances, with a faster exchange rate, leading to improved water quality and higher treatment capacity. At the same time, the operating velocity and pressure drop of the system are improved, all of which make it a good option for electronic and nuclear grade applications.

Sunresin's Nuclear grade resins offer the highest stability and purity, minimizing the release of ions or organic substances that could cause precipitation and corrosion during operation. 

In Electronic grade resins, a number of collaborations have been forged with major players in the panel and semiconductor industry, and technical results from these collaborations have shown that major parameters have reached the highest industrial standard in the world.

In drinking water, Sunresin’s non-solvent resins improve the safety grade of drinking water, and ensure no harmful solvent leakage occurs during usage. 

The resin products are produced in accordance with international Quality Control standards and have been certified by major international regulation organizations.

In condensate polishing, Sunresin’s Monojet and high-temperature-resistant resin products are widely used in the chemical industry and especially the power sector, making it possible for operations at 85 degrees celcius, as well as bigger volume, longer cycle and better regeneration. 

In wastewater treatment, Sunresin has made great efforts for years on R&D for comprehensive management of water pollution control and resource utilization. Its resin products, integrated with fixed bed or continuous ion exchange technology, have been successfully used in the treatment of organic wastewater and heavy metal removal. Useful or valuable metals can be enriched, recovered and reused.

From the global challenges in terms of environmental protection and drinking water quality, to industrial challenges such as the recent crunch of Ion Exchange Resins supply, Sunresin understands and is ready to live up to these challenges. With a recent ramp up of manufacturing facilities, Sunresin is able and in a good position to meet the gap and make its contribution to the betterment of industrial and drinking water.

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Stock code: 300487 Stock abbreviation: Sunresin Technology Bond Code: 123027 Bond Abbreviation: Sunresin Convertible Bond The following information represents a summary from the company's 2021 half year report. The official public information disclosed in Chinese is in accordance

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