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Sunresin – Argentina Angeles Salt Lake 25KT/A DLE Project, (Phase I) well Accepted

In this week at Sunresin’s headquarter in Xi’an, there has been successfully held the acceptance meeting of the Sunresin (SZ.300487) -Argentina Angeles Salt lake 25KT/A DLE project which was contracted by Tibet Everest(SH. 600338) in Mar. 2022. The Phase I acceptance inspection of this Lithium carbonate extraction project is smoothly passed. The quality of SR’s systemic equipment and strictly scheduled manufacture process are highly evaluated by the proprietor together with the third party experts.     


Review experts from Changsha Nonferrous Metals Institute and Tus-Membrane etc, have cast their vote of confidence and spoken highly of the equipment of the adsorption section of the Sunresin-Tibet Everest Argentina Angeles salt lake project. 

DLE Project


The Sunresin - Argentina 25 KT/A DLE Project was signed in March 2022. According to the contract, the production of the adsorbents and equipment, delivery and filling of adsorbents will be completed by the end of 2022.


Compared with the other ongoing DLE projects in which Sunresin is involved during the same period, such as projects with Yiwei Lithium Energy, Tibet Urban Development and Investment, and Jintai Lithium Industry, this project has the following characteristics.


1. Huge volume. 25,000 tons lithium carbonate is the largest single-plant production capacity Sunresin has undertaken so far;


2. Tight schedule and intensive equipment use. The amount of steel being used in the adsorption section for tank equipment and valve arrays only exceeds 100 tons, and the total number of pumps and valves reaches nearly 10,000 units/set. From system design to procurement, manufacturing and on-site installation, the whole process would have typically taken 12 to 24 months;


3. High technical requirements. In order to adapt to the working conditions of salt lakes in South America, a large process buffer has been specially incorporated;


4. Multi-project scheduling challenges in times of Covid. Taking into account the schedules of the other lithium projects, Sunresins’s Lithium Project Department dispatched professional and technical personnel from R&D, application, system engineering and other departments to respond efficiently, relied on the company's rich practical experience and technical accumulation in the field of lithium extraction from salt lakes, and completed the equipment manufacturing of the first phase of the Tibet Everest’s Argentina project with a high quality that is recognized by the project owner, general contractor and review experts.



The Argentina 25 KT/A DLE Project adsorption section equipment adopts a Simulated Moving Bed system, which has clear advantages in terms of operation efficiency, economic benefits, and is environmentally friendly.

Argentina Angeles Salt Lake


In the context of the transformation of the global energy structure and the serious imbalance between the supply and demand of lithium, lithium extraction from salt lakes is becoming the most promising way to provide rapid, low-cost, and high-quality lithium products on a large scale.


So far, Sunresin has provided technical services for a number of salt lake operation companies with its own intellectual property rights of DLE. A total of 9 large-scale commercial lithium extraction units from salt lakes or entire production lines have been built or are currently under construction, with an approximate lithium production capacity of 73,000 tons.


Sunresin strives to provide its best adsorption technology in DLE, and deliver its technical know-how to support the development of South America as another large-scale salt lake resource to further empower the global energy transition toward a greener and more sustainable era.


Sunresin, driving the innovation.

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