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SEPLITE® Monojet™ SA8500CP

Gel Type, Strong Base, ST-DVB, OH- Form, High Capacity, Uniform Particle Size

SEPLITE® Monojet™ SA8500CP (historical reference SA550CP) Ion Exchange Resin is a high-quality, high-capacity resin with uniform particle size designed specifically for use in condensate polishing mixed beds when high purity and water quality are required.
With its smaller average particle size which provides excellent beads integrity and good kinetics, it is suitable for the high flow rate demands of condensate polishing applications. This resin could be available in both OH- form and Cl- form, the ionic conversion rate of OH- form is up to 95%.
The resin is normally paired with SEPLITE® Monojet™ SC7700CP (SC650CP) in H+ form in mixed beds, providing excellent water quality and resin purity.

SEPLITE® Monojet™ SA8500CP Strong Base Resin Physical and Chemical Characteristics:

Physical and Chemical Characteristics
Matrix StructureGel, Styrene-divinylbenzene
Functional groupTrimethylammonium
Shipping formOH-
Physical AppearanceWhite to yellow translucent spherical beads
Particle size (mm)0.59±0.05mm
<0.3mm ≤0.5%
≥0.85mm ≤1.0%
Moisture content (%)55-65 (OH- Form)
Total Capacity(eq/L)≥1.0 (OH- Form)
Bulk Density ( g/l)660-720
Density ( g/l)1080-1100
Whole beads count (%)≥95
Uniformity coefficient≤1.2

SEPLITE® Monojet™ SA8500CP Strong Base Resin Applications:            

  • Mixed bed condensate polishing in nuclear power plants

  • Mixed bed condensate polishing in fossil power plants

  • Mixed bed polishing in industrial demineralization

SEPLITE® Monojet™ SA8500CP Strong Base Resin Precautions:

Resins should be stored in sealed containers or bags where temperature was above 0℃ in dry conditions without exposure to direct sunlight.
Do not mix ion exchange resin with strong oxidizing agents; otherwise it will cause violent reactions.
In case of eyes contact with resins, rinse eyes immediately with plenty of water, and consult a specialist.
Material and samples must be disposed according to local regulations.
Dry polymers will expand when become wetted and may cause an exothermic reaction.
Spilled materials may be slippery.

SEPLITE® and Monojet™ are registered trademarks of Sunresin New Materials Co. Ltd., Xi`an

  • This information is general information and may differ from that based on actual conditions.  For more information about SEPLITE®resins, please contact SUNRESIN® directly.

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