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"Macroporous Type, Strong Acid, ST-DVB,
NA+ Form/H+ Form"

SEPLITE® MC 240MB is a macroporous polystyrene cation-exchange resin whose functional group is sulfonic acid. It has a higher speed of ion exchange ability with good regeneration efficiency. It is also highly resistant to osmotic and thermal shock; its stable chemical and physical properties make it ideal in various applications. With MB particle size distribution which is ready for use in the mixed bed preparation.
SEPLITE® MC 240MB is widely used not only in water deionization or pure water preparation, but also in other areas such as hydrometallurgy, sugar treatment and demineralization of organic solutions.

SEPLITE® MC240MB Cation Exchange Resin Physical and Chemical Characteristics:

Physical and Chemical Characteristics
Matrix StructureMacroporous Polystyrene DVB
Functional groupSulfonic acid
Shipping formSodium or Hydrogen
Physical AppearanceCamel to brown Spherical beads
Particle size (mm)0.50-1.25
Moisture content (%)45-55
Total Capacity(eq/L)≥1.8
Bulk Density ( g/l)750-850
Density ( g/l)1230-1280
Whole beads count (%)≥95
Uniformity coefficient<1.6

SEPLITE® MC240MB Cation Exchange Resin Key features and benefits:    

  • High operating capacity

  • Good kinetic performance

  • Long lifetime

  • Easy to regeneration

SEPLITE® MC240MB Cation Exchange Resin Applications:           

  • Pure water preparation

  • Rare element separation

SEPLITE® MC240MB Cation Exchange Resin Precautions:

Resins should be stored in sealed containers or bags where temperature was above 0℃ in dry conditions without exposure to direct sunlight.
Do not mix ion exchange resin with strong oxidizing agents; otherwise it will cause violent reactions.
In case of eyes contact with resins, rinse eyes immediately with plenty of water, and consult a specialist.
Material and samples must be disposed according to local regulations.
Dry polymers will expand when become wetted and may cause an exothermic reaction.
Spilled materials may be slippery.

SEPLITE® and Monojet™ are registered trademarks of Sunresin New Materials Co. Ltd., Xi`an

  • This information is general information and may differ from that based on actual conditions. For more information about SEPLITE® resins, please contact SUNRESIN® directly.

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