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SEPLITE® SC140NS Non-solvent, Gel Strong Acid Cation Resin

Gel type, it is made without solvents such as DCE
Product Description

SEPLITE® SC140NS is a high purity strong acid cation resin, gel type, with 10% cross-linkage. It is made without solvents such as DCE. 

It is mainly designed for the water softening and demineralization in industrial and potable water applications.

Its high excellent mechanical strength and good ion exchange kinetics makes it a good general-purpose resin in different applications, compared with other resins in market, this resin is distinguished by its long serving life.

Available in other particle size distribution range, available in H+ form.

The resins are produced fully in accordance with the FDA (US Food & Drug Administration), also meeting the regulations prescribed under Resolution ResAP (2004) 3 on ion exchange and adsorbent resins used in the processing of foodstuffs.

Please follow our start-up recommendations which is available upon request, when using our products in food applications.

SEPLITE® SC140NS Non-solvent, Gel Strong Acid Cation Resin Physical and Chemical Characteristics:

Matrix Structure

Polystyrene Crosslinked with DVB

Physical Appearance

Dark brown to black Spherical beads

Particle size (mm)


Shipped form



Moisture content (%)



Total Capacity(eq/L)



Bulk Density ( g/l)



Density ( g/l)



Whole beads count (%)



Uniformity Coefficient



SEPLITE® SC140NS Non-solvent, Gel Strong Acid Cation Resin Key features and benefits:

High operating capacity

Good kinetic performance

Long life time


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