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Separation And Purification Of Vitamin B12
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Separation And Purification Of Vitamin B12

1. Vitamin B12

Known as cobalamin. It is a water-soluble vitamin that participates in various metabolisms in the form of coenzymes and promotes DNA and protein synthesis.

2. Synthesis of vitamin B12

The chemical synthesis of vitamin B12 is costly and the by-products are also more. At present, the mainstream is the fermentation method.
Pseudomonas aerogenes is a new type of B12 aerobic fermentation in recent years, which has the advantage of high efficient and high yield. The resulting B12 is mainly hydroxocobalamin in a stabilized form, which avoids adding highly dangerous cyanide in the conversion process.

3. Separation and purification of vitamin B12

The earliest use is the solvent extraction method, using an organic solvent such as ethanol or chloroform as an extractant. This extraction method refers to the large amount of organic reagents, which can not meet the production needs. The current mainstream is the resin extraction method.
For Resin extraction method, the most importance is to select the most suitable resin, with a good selectivity of adsorbent, easy desorption, stable physical and chemical properties, high mechanical strength, and can be used repeatedly.
Because the resin structure is designable, we can screen different skeletons, polarities, and pore structures. Through adsorption experiments, we can select out the best performance resin.

4. Sunresin vitamin B12 separation and purification resin series

Sunresin has developed a range of resins for the extraction and purification of vitamin B12 for anaerobic and aerobic fermentation broths.
Pretreatment resin to remove most of the interfering proteins, pigments and other impurities;
Special adsorption resin for the extraction of vitamin B12;
Decolorizing special resin for decolorizing the desorbed vitamin B12 for further purification.
The resin is separated by chromatography to remove some impurities that are difficult to remove, and high-purity vitamin B12 having a purity of more than 99% is obtained.

5. Sunresin vitamin B12 separation and purification line

In our case, we offer a complete purification line for vitamin B12.
It adopts fixed bed or simulated moving bed mode, generally fixed bed is adopted, which is a relatively economical mode with low investment cost. However, the operating cost of the simulated moving bed is lower, the resin consumption can be reduced by more than 50%, the chemical reagent consumption is reduced by 30-50%, and the wastewater discharge is reduced by more than 50%.
The separation process of vitamin B12 is complicated, and we recommend using a simulated moving bed system.

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