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Case Study

  • 12-01-2020

    A Better Choice for Tungsten and Molybdenum Separation

    Sunresin has set up special topics and established a special research team based on customers’ needs to conduct research and analysis on the element composition and existing technology of tungsten leaching solution, and successfully developed sepcial resin Seplite® LSC680 for tungsten and molybdenum separation as well as the matching process.

  • 11-27-2020

    Acetone Purification and Cycling (Methylamine removal), solvent in the production of PPS (polyphenylene sulfide)

    The ion exchange resin (IER) method is very excellent and efficient for acetone purification. Acetone will pass cation exchange resins first and then the anion exchange resins, more than 95% methylamine will be removed.

  • 11-17-2020

    A New Breakthrough in The Process of Refining Ethylene Glycol from Coal by Sunresin Technology

    Ethylene glycol (EG) is an important organic chemical raw material. It is mainly used to synthesize polyester polyester and polyester resin, produce hygroscopic agents, plasticizers, surfactants, cosmetics and explosives, and used as dyes, inks, solvent, formulating engine antifreeze, etc.

  • 10-27-2020

    Application of Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Resin

    Application of Mixed Bed Ion Exchange ResinSEPLITE® Ion Exchange Resins are very versatile in their application: one of them is the use as a mixture of Cation and Anion exchange resins also known as Mixed Bed (MB). Mixed Beds allow to perform an efficient demineralization in one process step: by int

  • 10-24-2020

    Make the Treatment of VOCs Safer, More Efficient and More Economical

    Make the treatment of VOCs safer, more efficient and more economicalOrganic synthetic polymer material is a kind of polymer material with certain functional properties, which is produced by the polymerization of unsaturated organic molecules with double bond structure under initiating conditions. Du

  • 10-10-2020

    Introduction of Non-solvent Resin

    Softening resins are categorized into solvent or Non-solvent products depending on whether dichloroethane solvent is used in the resin manufacturing process. Dichloroethane residues though trace amount may exist in the effulent extractions of solvent resi

  • 10-02-2020

    SEPLITE® LSF983 Food Grade Macroporous Weak Acidic Cation Resin for Drinking Water Treatment

    SUNRESIN is providing a wide range of Ion Exchange Resins to prepare Water for Human consumption. One of our key application is to be found on the kitchen table of many household in pour-through Water Filters where our SEPLITE® LSF983 is used widely in Ca

  • 09-09-2020

    Storage Conditions of Ion Exchange Resins

    Storage life of unused ion exchange resin under appropriate conditions; Factors affecting the storage life of ion exchange resin; Storage plans of ion exchange resin under different conditions

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