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Resins Change The Old Materials Of The Past
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Resins Change The Old Materials Of The Past

When it comes to resin cotton, there are still many people who don't know what it is. In fact, there are many other names, such as non-rubber cotton, hot air cotton, Khmer elastic cotton and so on. The main components of resin cotton are polyester fibers and 4080 low melting point fibers. In the production process, 4080 low melting point fibers are used instead of adhesives, and the combing and netting technology is adopted. The product has good elasticity. The research and development of China resin manufacturers has always been a professional level.

Environmental friendly resin cotton has many characteristics. Because resin cotton has the characteristics of environmental protection, good elasticity and tasteless, China resin manufacturers seize the business opportunities, so it is widely used, such as sofas, mattresses, outdoor furniture, baby carriages, tatami and other software filling common in life can be used.

The main application fields of resins are:

1.Ordinary counters: cabinet counters, bathroom wash tables, dining tables, windowsills, reception counters, business desks, bar desks, desks, computer desks, etc.

II. Commercial Decoration

1.Architectural decoration, because resin artificial stone is easier to grind than natural marble, and can be moderately bent when heated to a certain temperature. Natural stone has been replaced in many places.

2.Decoration of entertainment places.

3.Furniture Application

4.Application of Sanitary Ware

5. Art Processing: Flower Pots, Sculptures, Crafts, etc.

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