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Remove Bitter From Citrus Juice
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Remove Bitter From Citrus Juice

1. The source of bitterness in citrus

Citrus fruits account for about 15% of the world's total fruit production. Most citrus fruits are directly consumed by fresh fruits. It is because juice products show some disadvantages, it will have bitter taste and odor, which greatly reduces the taste of citrus juice. It leads to a slow development of citrus juices, so the problem must be solved.

The bitterness produced after such processing is called delayed bitterness.

There are two main substances that can cause bitterness. One is flavonoids, such as naringin, which has a strong bitter taste. The bitterness threshold in water is 20 mg/kg. Solubility increases with increasing sugar content and decreases with increasing pH. The other is lemon bitter, which has four kinds of citrate, nominin, Yichangsu and nomiline acid. Among them, citrate is the most important source of bitterness. The threshold of bitterness in water is 1 mg/kg, which is 20 times worse than pomelo peel. Times. The precursor of citrate, limonin A-cyclolactone, is dissolved from the pulp when juicing, and converted to lemon bitter under acidic conditions. This is the reason why freshly squeezed juice does not show bitterness and then slowly becomes bitter. The mature fruit does not have this phenomenon.

2. The method of debittering

The methods of citrus juice debittering include biological methods, enzymatic methods, and even genetic engineering methods, but most of the processes are complicated and costly, and there is still a problem of separation and purification in the later stage.
Adsorption debittering is a method with the lowest cost and obvious effect. It uses the adsorbent to selectively adsorb and remove the bitter component in the juice to achieve the purpose of debittering.

3. Advantages of adsorption debittering technology

After optimization of the synthesis process, our adsorbent resin has the following characteristics:
It is larger than the surface and has a strong affinity with bitter substances. The pore size is suitable for the entry and exit of naringin and citrate.
The experiment proves that after the adsorption process, the bitterness of the juice is greatly reduced, only a small amount of bitterness is retained to maintain the flavor of the juice, and the nutritional component of the juice is almost no loss.

4. Sunresin advantage of debittering adsorption line

In our case, the content of lemon bitter and cinnamicin was effectively controlled, significantly improving the taste. A relatively inexpensive fixed bed can achieve good results with considerable economic value. This is also the mainstream process of citrus juice debitter.
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