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Promotional video of the SMB system in the sugar alcohol industry

Erythritol, as the main glycogen in sparkling water, has seen a rapid increase in demand in the past two years. However, while the production scale has expanded year by year, market competition has become increasingly fierce. Therefore, product quality control and operation cost have become the key to success.

This is a Simulated Moving Bed system for the erythritol purification process. It is designed, manufactured, installed and implemented by Sunresin. Thanks to this SMB system, a steady output of quality product is ensured at a reduced operation cost.

Compared with the traditional fixed bed system, here are the main advantages of Sunresin’s SMB system.

1.Less production space. Typically only 1/2 to 1/3 compared with the size of a fixed bed system.

2.Reduced amount of resin. In the SMB system, the anion and cation resins are in multi-stage series mode, maximizing the performance of the resins while ensuring the quality of the product. The amount of resin is usually only 30%-50% of the fixed bed. In some applications, this can reach a maximum of 10%.

3.Lowered consumption of acid and alkali. The acid and alkali with a concentration of about 2mol enter the system, while the outflow concentration is only about 0.1mol. The utilization rate of acid and alkali reaches more than 90%.

4.Reduced amount of waste water. The pure water can be recycled in the system, leading to up to 50% of reduction of total amount.

Sunresin can tailor-make the separation process for customers according to the specific application conditions and customer needs.

5.The SMB equipment can run automatically 24/7. For large set of devices, only one worker is needed.

6.User-friendly interface allows customers to monitor the status of the whole system.

7.The operating parameters are recorded in real time and a monitoring curve is formed to keep track and control of the process.

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