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Production Control
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Production Control

Sunresin production bases are certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and Quality Management Systems Certificate ISO 9001:2015 certificated, assuring the production of products conform to a high-quality standard.

Sunresin's production line is completely computer controlled, resulting in resin products with very high consistency and excellent quality. The line is designed and made by independent Intellectual property rights.

Sunresin is the first company to realize polymer resin automatic synthesis in China resin industry.
Completely Computer Controlled Production System

Sunresin integrated its years of product experience and technology into designing unique operation system and optimizing production facilities, therefore the production line is perfectly fit for making higher selective resins and better performance resins.

Sunresin production bases are also certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and Environmental Management Systems Certificate ISO14001:2015, assuring the production process of products conform to the requirement of environmental protect.

Besides the production process Auto-control system, Sunresin has installed the gas adsorption device to control the chemical VOC Gas distribution in workshop, and modern wastewater treatment system to insure the effluent up to national standard.
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