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Pretreatment of Catalyst Resin
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Pretreatment of Catalyst Resin

The resin catalyst has been washed with pure water before leaving the factory, and can be washed without water after being charged into the reactor. Otherwise it must be washed with demineralized water.

The resin catalyst must be stored underwater and pretreated with methanol before use. By utilizing the characteristic that methanol and water can be mutually soluble, according to the principle of concentration action, methanol can form a certain concentration of methanol-water solution with water, thereby taking the water contained in the resin catalyst out of the reaction system.

When the resin catalyst is pretreated with methanol, it is not enough to simply immerse in methanol, and dynamic circulation is required until the methanol concentration is constant. The time for methanol pretreatment is generally 12 to 24 hours.
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