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Pretreatment Of Anion Exchange Resin
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Pretreatment Of Anion Exchange Resin

Sunresin, anion exchange resin suppliers, gives a plan for ion exchange resin pretreatment. Let's take a look at it.

The new resin for column loading should be washed repeatedly with hot water (clean tap water). Cation exchange resin can be washed repeatedly with hot water of 70-80 degrees Celsius. The heat resistance of anion exchange resin is worse, and hot water of 50-60 degrees Celsius can be used. At the beginning of the immersion, change the water every 15 minutes or so. When it is washed, it should be stirred from time to time. After changing the water for 4-5 times, it can be exchanged for about 30 minutes to change the water once. The total water should be changed for 7-8 times.

Anion exchange resin pretreatment process:

For the acid and alkali treatment sequence of anion exchange resin after washing, the order of alkali acid alkali, the amount and flow rate of acid and alkali can be used. The strong alkali resin corresponds to the strong acid resin, and the weak alkali resin corresponds to the weak acid resin.

Rehabilitation of ion exchange resin:

In the process of using ion exchange resin, after a period of operation, water quality and exchange capacity will decrease gradually. This is generally due to the contamination of the resin during its operation. In the extraction of wastewater and biochemical substances, resins are more susceptible to pollution because of their complex composition. Therefore, appropriate measures should be taken to reactivate them.

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