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ion exchange resin

If you want to know more about the ion exchange resin, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the ion exchange resin industry. More news about ion exchange resin, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more ion exchange resin information!
  • 09-09-2020

    Storage Conditions of Ion Exchange Resins

    Storage life of unused ion exchange resin under appropriate conditions; Factors affecting the storage life of ion exchange resin; Storage plans of ion exchange resin under different conditions

  • 08-26-2020

    Sunresin Participated in The 21st China Environmental Expo

    Sunresin participated in the Expo as scheduled and brought four series of resin products and technologies themed as "metal recovery", "waste gas adsorption", "waste water treatment" and "special standard raising", which made the environmental protection t

  • 08-25-2020

    Color Indicator Resin Allows You to Understand the Exhaustion State of The Resin Timely

    The Color indicator resin is introduced into gel type anion and cation exchange resin through a special process, which makes the color indicator of ion exchange resin under different ion types. It is convenient for users to judge the failure state of ion

  • 08-12-2020

    Common Causes and Treatment Measures of Ion Exchange Resin Performance Degradation

    The performance of ion exchange resin is affected by many factors. If abnormal performance degradation of ion exchange resin occurs in daily use, we generally carry out the cause analysis and take corresponding measures according to the following sequence

  • 08-05-2020

    Cautions When Using Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin

    The strong base anion exchange resin contains a certain amount of moisture and should not be stored in the open air. During the storage and transportation, it should be kept moist to avoid air drying and dehydration, which will cause the resin to break.

  • 07-06-2020

    Professional Supplier of Exceed Standard Water Treatment Solutions

    Sunresin has developed a series of chelating resins and ion exchange resins to efficiently and accurately treat the water quality that exceeds the standard based on the continuous efforts of R&D team.

  • 07-03-2020

    Sunresin's Patent Research Project Was Successfully Approved by National Intellectual Property Administration,PRC. in 2020

    On June 24, 2020, the National Property Office of the people's Republic of China announced the list of patent special research projects of 2020, Sunresin New Materials Co. Ltd., Xi'an and Sunshine Intellectual Property Group applied for the project of "Pa

  • 10-13-2019

    Physical Condition of Resin Beads

    The particle size and physical properties of ion exchange resin have a great influence on its performance. Density of resins. The density of resin during drying is called true density.

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