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Multi-channel valves SMB system: Sunresin completed Acquisition of Ionex and PuriTech
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Multi-channel valves SMB system: Sunresin completed Acquisition of Ionex and PuriTech

Recently, Sunresin completed the equity settlement procedures through Ionex and PuriTech acquired by Hong Kong's wholly-owned subsidiary. The first overseas acquisition was completed, which took a solid step for Sunresin's international strategy implementation.

Both Ionex and PuriTech were founded in 2005 and are principally engaged in the design, manufacture and sale of multi- channel valves. The multi- channel valve is mainly used for advanced SMB system and is one of the main branches of SMB equipment. The multi-channel valve can be applied to the separation and purification process of industrial fields such as hydrometallurgy, amino acid and drinking water treatment.

PuriTech's patented technology enables the manufacture of multi-channel valves with multi-port and different flexible number of interfaces. Multi-channel valves technology is the complement of the valve-array SMB technology of Sunresin's independent intellectual property in some applications. The combination of multi-channel valve and valve-array SMB technology further innovatively expands the scope of use of SMB, greatly enriches the system engineering solution based on SMB devices, further enhances the core competitiveness of enterprises in the field of system solutions, effectively promotes the development of system engineering in large-scale applications (such as metals, bio-pharmaceuticals, environmental protection, drinking water and sugar).

Sunresin’s turn key solution with the adsorption & separation material as the core, application process and equipment is unique development model. And Sunresin is pioneer of the industry in China. This modern service model, which has been upgraded from a single material sales to a turn key solution integrating materials, processes and equipment, is more suitable for cutting-edge, emerging industrial fields, and the development trend of the industrial 4.0 era.

Through this overseas acquisition, Sunresin aims to promote the overseas sales of adsorptive separation materials with SMB system, and to form a more optimized integrated solution to  further develop overseas market. PuriTech will become an important base for Sunresin's European market, helping Sunresin to accelerate its internationalization process and further enhance its international market presence and its overseas influence.

Over the past ten years, Sunresin has gradually formed a service model of turn key solution with its three technical advantages of materials-processes-equipment, mature innovation and industrial application capabilities. Today, this model has new series.

Based in Europe, aiming at the world, Sunresin's internationalization strategy has been started in an orderly manner.

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